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Guild Council

UHTTI student’s Guild provides representation to all students at the Institute and campaigns to create change on issues affecting students at a local and national level. This is achieved through regular meetings with institute Senior Officers and Managers




The Students Guild Council is a link between the students’ body and the University Administration, headed by a Guild President H.E  ASABA CHRISPUS  who is democratically elected by the students in accordance with the existing guild constitution. The Royal Guild Government is composed of the Cabinet and Guild Representatives

About Us

The Guild boasts 24/7 welfare support channels for its members. Guild Advice provides professional and impartial advice on all manner of student issues, from academic problems, financial woes,housing worries. It also arranges individual representation for students facing academic appeals, disciplinary hearings and other procedures.

Contact us

Leave us a note and we will get back to you for more information and inquiries

  • +256-99-8885
  • uhttiguild@gmail.com
  • Uganda Hotel and Tourism training Instiyute. Po Box 444, Jinja , Uganda

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